Here is a brief history of two of our most historic rooms at The Broadmoor, the Main Ballroom and the Lake Terrace Dining Room (formerly known as the Main Dining Room). The rooms’ vast history and elegant wall decorations create a wonderful ambiance for wedding receptions where guests have plenty of room to dine and dance the night away.

Main Ballroom

Main Ballroom

The Ballroom (Main Ballroom) was built as part of the hotel’s original 1918 construction. Described then as Georgian Renaissance in design with marble pilasters, rose colored wall curtains, low relief ceiling decoration and crystal chandeliers.

The floor was constructed of three layers of wood laid on springs with resilient material between the layers so that the floor provided a supple foundation to support the dancers.

The Doors playing in The Main Ballroom 1967

Originally the room was surrounded on three sides by windows and French doors that opened to a surrounding balcony. In later years, the windows, doors and balcony were closed off limiting the natural light to the room and the original single dramatic centerpiece chandelier was replaced with several larger ones. The original chandelier now graces the elevator foyer at the top of our spiral staircase.

Main Ballroom

Lake Terrace Dining Room

Lake Terrace Dining Room

The Main Dining Room (now known as the Lake Terrace Dining Room) is also original to our construction in 1918. It was once walled on one side with floor to ceiling French mirrors. Its color scheme was “old ivory and wedgewood” and the floors were Italian marble covered with rugs.

Lake Terrace Dining Room

Main Dining Room 1926

Fountain Room

In 1922 the Fountain room was added to accommodate the increasing number of guests and the Crystal Room added in 1926 as a larger children’s dining room. The children’s and nurses dining room had originally been on the lobby floor occupying what is now part of La Taverne.

Fountain Room  1926

The Pompeiian Room was originally called the Palm Court and used for breakfast dining and afternoon tea. Since the hotel used the American plan, all meals were included. Though “a la carte” could be obtained in the Rendezvous Grill room, now La Taverne.

The Pompeiian Room 1926 (Palm Court)

The Pompeiian Room

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