When spring nears an end and the flowers bloom into bright yellows and pinks, the anticipation of the summer season is felt all around. What looms, too, in these flower laden months is the season of weddings. Here at The Broadmoor, we embrace the summer season as a time for delicately planned “I do” ceremonies and family get-togethers. On June 15th, the Broadmoor was graced with the presence of a beautiful couple, Bailey and Nick, all the way from Texas for a full blown destination summer wedding. Their wedding journey began at the pool, where guests were greeted with a welcoming party, and ended with a dance-filled reception  in Lake Terrace Dining Room.
Here are a few of our favorite moments from this fabulous weekend (photos courtesy of Cayton Photography and video from Mares):


Bailey and Nick’s journey began with an opening reception at the pool. It was the little details of this summer wedding weekend that made the celebration extra special.

The weekend continued with a men’s golf outing and ladies bridal luncheon.
Guests were all smiles during these activity-filled afternoons.

The day of Bailey and Nick’s “I Do” ceremony was cloudy at first. However, the clouds quickly moved away and cleared the way for a beautiful, Colorado wedding day. The ceremony on Lakeside Terrace was followed by a fabulous reception. We are so thankful to add Bailey and Nick to our summer storybook of weddings! We wish the very best to you both.


A special thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend special for Bailey and Nick, especially Cayton Photography for the fabulous photographs.
Here’s to this wedding season and many more to come!